How to make decisions that move you forward

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I’m coming in hot with part three of our 4-part series in Human Design my friend.

A little refresh: In this series, we’re talking about how Human Design helps you create YOUR version of business success.

In my last post, you read about the 5 career archetypes. Plus, I sprinkled in info on my upcoming masterclass.

In today’s post, I’m answering the question,

“How do I make decisions that put me on the career or entrepreneurial path that’s correct for me?

To answer that question, look no further than your Decision-Making Strategy (DMS).

Every single person has one. Find out yours in 30 seconds right here. (I highly suggest it before reading on.)

Your DMS indicates

  • how you make decisions from a place of inner alignment and self-trust.
  • how you make the right decisions at the right time.
  • the most effective way to make clear decisions sans overwhelm, doubt, & regret creeping in.

In a nutshell, your DMS is how you get out of your own way and experience freedom from your limiting thoughts.

There’s 8 different Decision-Making Strategies. Here’s a snapshot of each.

Follow Your Gut: You make aligned decisions by responding to yes/no questions that create a physical response in your body. A yes response will feel different than a no response, and once you know the difference, your business decisions become easy as pie. To know what this feels like, have someone ask you a series of easy yes/no questions, noticing how your body feels in response to yes vs no answers. Then practice this like it’s your job.

Wait for Clarity: This is just like it sounds. If this is your authority, you’ll benefit by sleeping on your decisions before committing to them. Telling others that “you appreciate the invitation but that you need to sleep on it” just became your biggest flex. Plus, it’ll help you avoid making decisions that you later regret.

Trust Your Instincts: You make the clearest decisions when you trust in the spontaneous, yet subtle inner knowing you experience when you’re tuned in to the present moment. This isn’t about thinking, it’s about sensing and trusting. Easy said than done, but like our pal Glennon says, you can do hard things.

Willful: This rare DMS is all about tuning into your inner desires and asking yourself if you have the energy or the will to act on a decision or not. If your heart is in it, it’s right for you.

Mental: Your decisions are best made by bouncing ideas off others and listening to what you say as you speak these ideas out loud. Only the people you most value should be on the receiving end of your ideas because you’re not looking for advice, just a listening ear.

Wait, Access, and Discuss: This super rare DMS requires patience and an observation of how your perspective changes over time as you consider decisions. For larger life decisions, waiting 28 days before making life-altering decisions will be key so that you can reflect on it over time.

You’re wildly intuitive. So, as leader of your career or business, knowing HOW you access your intuition is paramount to creating success without unnecessary struggle. That's what implementing your DMS into every day life offers you. 

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