5 ways to turn your ideas into income

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Let’s dive into part 2 of our 4-part series on creating a business YOUR way, shall we?!

In this series I'm sharing how Human Design can help remove the guesswork out of the ultimate question on your mind: 

"HOW on earth am I meant to create and grow a business based upon the skills, experience, and talents that I bring to the table?"

To answer this question, let me introduce you to the most important element of Human Design: Your Career Type.

In Human Design there are 5 career archetypes:

  • Classic Builders
  • Express Builders
  • Advisors
  • Initiators
  • Evaluators

Let's be clear, every Career Type is capable of powerful creation.

However, within each of the five archetypes lives a strategy that shows you HOW YOU are uniquely designed to start and sustain a business.  

Many of you already know yours from attending workshops with me.

But, if you’re new here, you can access your career type in less than 30 seconds right here. (P.S. highly recommend it!)

Your Career Type describes the way that you live out your full potential.

Of course, this is NOT one size fits all. (A homogenized society is a boring society. We keep things uniquely YOU around here – more on that in the next email.)

How your career type manifests depend upon many other factors that I'll review in my upcoming Human Design MasterClass.

But right now, I’m giving you a quickie run down of the 5 types AND the most common challenges (+ easy solutions!) I see with each.


CLASSIC BUILDERS: Designed to build and sustain businesses using their innate step-by-step approach toward mastery. When they commit to work that feels fun and exciting, a steady and energetic devotion for work kicks in, and this becomes the superpower that fuels their success. This is especially true when they surrender the need for their business to look one way or to follow a certain timeline. 

Easy Win: when Classic Builders experience a feeling of “stuckness” in their business, it’s often because they’re attempting to push and force their way into growth instead of applying their strategy of responding to external cues from the world that indicate their path to success. For Classic Builders, what got you corporate accolades as a workhorse is the exact opposite of what will bring you entrepreneurial success, so let those old habits go!


EXPRESS BUILDERS: Designed to create and grow new businesses quickly and efficiently, especially when they give themselves permission to focus their energy on multiple projects or revenue streams at once instead of limiting themselves to focusing on one thing at a time. For you, it’s about using your energy in diverse ways that feel exciting and non-constrictive. Pivot often is your new mantra!

Easy Win: When Express Builders experience "stuckness" in their business, it’s often because they’re not giving themselves permission to pivot out of something that’s becoming increasingly more frustrating over time. Or, they’re trying to create and manifest every idea that comes through their mind instead of following their strategy of responding to cues from the outside world that tell them when it’s time to pause and when it’s time to press go.


ADVISORS: Designed to create and grow businesses that allow them to up-level systems, experiences, and service or products that they intuitively see how to do better than anyone in the marketplace. For Advisors, by tuning into what they love to be recognized for AND how they naturally recognize the gifts in others, they'll receive great insight into what they’re meant to offer the world.

Easy Win: When Advisors experience "stuckness" in their business, it’s often because they are conditioned into believing that their value comes from doing the day-to-day tasks instead of delegating and guiding how the tasks can be completed in a way that requires less effort and greater efficiency for all.


INITIATORS: Designed to start businesses (especially more passive businesses) that don’t require a lot of ongoing maintenance. Initiators are just like they sound – masterful creators that get the ball rolling with incredible force and speed. This is especially true when they’re able to work autonomously with the ability to call in support from others to move things along or wrap things up so that they can initiate their next thing.

Easy Win: When Initiators experience "stuckness" it’s often because they're waiting for someone else to create change or opportunities for them instead of creating it for themselves. Often their first opportunity is to call in support for the day-to-day maintenance of their business so that they can step into creation mode again. 


EVALUATORS: Designed to start and sustain businesses where they’re able to guide, facilitate and connect with energetically healthy people and places. When they’re able to experience different aspects of themselves that feel energizing on a frequent basis, that’s the sign that they’re in their lane.

Easy Win: When evaluators experience feeling stuck, it’s their sign that it’s time to rebalance the quantity of time they’re spending with people who feel depleting vs people who make them feel light, free, and expansive.


I could say so much more about this, and the great news is that I will be during my upcoming Human Design Business Masterclass!

Join me Tuesday, 7/25 from 6-7:30pm PDT for this event where I share it ALL! 

This 90-minute class is perfect for you if you're tired of second-guessing yourself and are ready to discover how to turn your ideas and interests into income YOUR way.

Learn more & register here

xo, Jenni


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