Step Into Your Power, 3 Different Ways.


Whether you’re a leader or an entrepreneur, you've got innate gifts that have major profit potential. Let’s uncover them!


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Chaos isn't
your style.

That’s why I’m here to help when you’re ready to:

  • Streamline, simplify, and scale your business
  • Learn how you're designed to create impact during a Human Design chart overview
  • Celebrate and elevate your team during a customized event at your location of choice

The foundation for creating & growing your empire is YOU.


You are the secret sauce that comes before any business strategy. 

That’s why understanding how you’re uniquely designed to create impact is paramount to your success. Insert Human Design! Your Human Design career profile tells how your passions are meant to come to life in business. 

Let’s kick doubt and confusion to the curb, shall we? Your personal clarity and professional focus awaits.



Level up with a personalized program for every budget.

1:1 Coaching

Create the business of your dreams with personalized coaching that gets to the core of YOU.

Stepping into your full power begins with two things: clearing out the beliefs & thoughts telling you you can’t. And uncovering the gifts that prove you can. Once you know this, you’re ready to layer on strategy in doable, 30 day increments.

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Corporate Team Building

Introducing an immersive experience for the corporate team that makes your people feel seen, valued, and recognized for who they are at their core. 

When you increase camaraderie, empathy, and focus with a Higher House event your team functions with greater efficiency. (And way more fun too!) Not only that you'll:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Decrease turnover
  • Retain valuable talent


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Human Design

Personalized sessions designed for leaders and executives who want to thrive.

There’s no need to push, force, or second guess yourself when it comes to your career or business. When you understand your Human Design career chart, it all becomes easier. If you’ve been feeling stuck, frustrated, or burnt out, a Human Design session is the perfect place to start.

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510+ events

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Your greatest potential awaits.

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