How to Attract Your Desires

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What got you here won’t get you there. Have you heard this saying before?

This means that the type of change you're craving deep down - you know the kind - the one that feels like a real up-level, requires this: you up-leveling your view of yourself first.

(If you’re having an oh-shit moment reading this, keep scrolling! It's easier than it sounds.)

The only thing we have control over is how we view ourselves, so this is actually excellent news.

You see, we can hope for personal and professional growth all we want.

But stepping into circumstances that match our desires demands that we BECOME the next version of ourselves BEFORE the world gives us evidence that it’s possible.

There’s a strategy to this. Hang with me....we're gonna simplify this into 4 easy steps:

FIRST, open the notes app on your phone and create a list called “What I’m Attracting”


SECOND, identify the life categories you’d like to improve and write them down. It can be your business, finances, a relationship, your own spiritual evolution…you get the idea.


THIRD, for each category write down exactly what it is that you desire. List out the things you’ve learned through experience that you value. Another approach is thinking about what you don’t want and identifying what the opposite of that would be.


FOURTH, and this is the important part! Write down WHO YOU HAVE TO BECOME in order to be an energetic match for the things you desire. Like attracts like. It's that simple. So ask yourself: What does this person think about? What does this person believe about themselves, others, the world? What habits and rituals does this person have? How do they act? What do they refrain from? What are they unwilling to tolerate from others?


Practice visualization, hold the vision of the future self you've outlined above receiving whatever it is that you’re calling in.




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