Where creative entrepreneurs who crave a structured plan come for next level support.

Welcome to my house!

I don't do overwhelm. And you shouldn't either since growing your empire without it is a choice. 

If you're an entrepreneur who feels trapped and unsure what to do about it, you're in the right spot. Now, let's get to work.

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"I felt complete analysis paralysis in my business and couldn't afford to hire full time  marketing support. Insert Jenni! She truly moved the needle for my business from strategy, to operations, to marketing."

-Meegan Gregg, BackBody Project

For those on a quest to find their most purposeful path.

Higher House clients are smart cookies that think outside the box. They don’t need more information. They don't need more Facebook Groups to join. They need systems and processes.

They need simple and impactful ways to START moving from uninspired inaction into a focused plan forward.

They need a way to STOP reacting to every new idea that passes through them so that they can focus on the right, aligned actions.

So, if you're needing strategic, organized AND compassionate support (like yesterday), welcome!

You’ll like it here. 

Everyone hits that point where they feel trapped in their business - emotionally, financially and otherwise.This usually goes one of two ways..

You're either frozen in inaction wondering if you lack the willpower needed for this journey OR you're reacting to every idea that comes through you as a way to be doing SOMETHING even though you know it's not strategic or aligned.

If this is you, congratulations! This is your sign that it's time for a major uplevel, both personally and professionally. 

Because what got you here, won't get you to your next level of success. 

So! Let's shut off the distractions, rediscover YOUR greatest potential, and rise to the next level. All in a streamlined and simple way.


Programs designed to move you forward:

Personal Clarity + Vision
Practical Strategy and Tools to Implement
Focused Action that Creates Results
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"I feel incredibly clear and confident in my path forward, and am so grateful for Jenni’s support in helping me get there."

- Kristen W.

Make a Commitment to Yourself

Find the service that's just right for you, knowing that every service is customized by Jenni to meet your needs. 

Make Some Moves

Let's transform the way you think about business. Together, we'll merge the most powerful and productive version of you with a clear and doable plan. 

Make Some Money

Let your super powers bring in the income, baby! 

Combining 13+ years of operations expertise with Human Design for a holistic business approach.

Whether I'm working with you individually or your team, my approach is simple: I bring practical solutions to complex issues in a lighthearted way that lands fro all -  from the most creative free-spirits to the most logical and left-brained.

It's this approach that creates real results + real transformation.

Are you ready to see your potential for growth with a fresh perspective? Hope so!

Just Tell Me What to Do Next Already!

What Clients Are Saying

"I know I can count on myself, primarily because I now understand myself at a deep intrinsic level. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

— Mary Liz B.

“Our work challenged my core beliefs and shifted my mindset, creating clarity, flow and a business strategy that is authentically unique.”

— Lauren Janney

“It was no accident that I hired you to help me with my business, but what you truly did was help me to reshape the way I see myself. What a gift! You are a gift.”

— Kerri F.


My motto?

Personalized support where they need it most. 

I’ve built my business purely by word of mouth alone. How? By offering high-value, personalized services that support people where they need it most - whether that’s putting structure behind creative ideas, business strategizing, financial modeling, and more.

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