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Spirituality & business strategy meet.

Welcome to my house!

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur (aspiring counts!) or a business leader, I can’t wait to support you with programs that'll move you forward - no matter how stuck you feel.

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"One hour with Jenni was more illuminating than 4.5 years of therapy."

- Frayn M.

Curious creatives on a quest to find their most purposeful path.

Higher House clients are smart cookies that think outside the box. They don’t need more information or Facebook Groups to join. They need systems and processes. They need ways to diminish the overwhelm so they can enjoy the time and financial freedom they crave. 

So, if you're wondering how to turn that treasure trove of business inspo into income or wanting to scale your business (like yesterday), welcome!

You’ll like it here. 

Business strategy is great, no doubt. Every viable business needs a plan that allows for focus and forward motion. 

But nearly everyone misses an essential part when launching or growing their business. They forget to tend to the foundation - which is YOU as leader or owner. 


When you understand how you create impact in the unique way that only you can, then you’re ready to layer strategy on top. But not before. 

That’s why every program you’ll find at Higher House starts with gaining clarity around your success codes before any planning happens. 

Programs designed to move you forward:

Personal Clarity + Vision
Practical Strategy and Tools to Implement
Focused Action that Creates Results
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"I feel incredibly clear and confident in my path forward, and am so grateful for Jenni’s support in helping me get there."

- Kristen W.

Discover Your Best Next Step

Find the service that's just right for you, knowing that every service is customized by Jenni to meet your needs. 

Make Some Moves

Let's transform the way you think about business. Together, we'll merge the most powerful and productive version of you with a clear and doable plan. 

Enjoy Financial Freedom

Let your super powers bring in the income, baby! 

Combining 13+ years of entrepreneurial expertise with Human Design for a holistic business approach.

Whether I'm working with you or your team, my approach is simple: I merge business strategy with Human Design

The result? Practical solutions that are personalized just. for. you.

It's this approach that creates real results + real transformation.

Are you ready to see your potential with a fresh perspective? Hope so!

Empowering entrepreneurs and leaders four ways

What Clients Are Saying

"I know I can count on myself, primarily because I now understand myself at a deep intrinsic level. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

— Mary Liz B.

“Our work challenged my core beliefs and shifted my mindset, creating clarity, flow and a business strategy that is authentically unique.”

— Lauren Janney

“It was no accident that I hired you to help me with my business, but what you truly did was help me to reshape the way I see myself. What a gift! You are a gift.”

— Kerri F.


My motto?

Personalized support where they need it most. 

I’ve built my business purely by word of mouth alone. How? By offering high-value, personalized services that support people where they need it most - whether that’s tackling limiting beliefs, business planning, financial modeling, or speaking to their audience in a way that lands.

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