Read this before you begin your 2024 strategy session

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Do you have your own business?!

If so, now is the time to begin envisioning how you want to create more impact and income in 2024. For me in my business, it’s all about simplification in the year to come.

Doing a deep dive into strategic planning is great – LOVE it, in fact! However, a heavy dose of self-awareness serves as the backbone of effective strategic planning. 

Here’s why: Our connection to ourselves sets the tone for how easy (or hard) our business feels.

The more in touch with yourself you become, the more your senses sharpen. The more creative you are. The less likely you are to do things that aren’t working just because you’ve been told it’s “the way business is done”.

If you’re looking to simplify with me in 2024, then you’ll want to visit the prompts I’ve shared below. (Ahem….before you start creating your January to-do list!)


I’m at my best when: This question reflects your Human Design energy type and gifts even if you don’t know what they are. Here’s my examples to get you started…. 

  • I’m bringing structure to chaos or confusion, especially in a 1:1 setting
  • I’m connecting with and leading a large group of people on a subject that lights me up
  • I let go of the need for things to unfold on the timeline that my ego tells me they should.


What’s already going well in my business that I want to continue doing?

This prompt is where simplicity comes in. When we can recognize and extrapolate upon what’s already working, THAT is a proven system. Then you can ask, what are the creative ways I can do more of it? Create an affiliate program? Focus on speaking about only this during Q1 to your audience? You get the point. 

What is something (beliefs included!) that creates an ongoing sense of frustration that I’m ready to let go of? 

This prompt shows you where you’re trying to make someone else’s strategy work for you as well as the things you’re tolerating that are holding you back. Note that there’s a difference between frustration vs awkward discomfort. The former limits. The latter stretches. Lean into the stretch J 

What do I want to be known for? 

This prompt shows you what you value. Strip away anything that doesn’t allow you to become or reflect the person you want to be known for.   

Once you’re done answering these questions, you’ll know what’s gotta go and what’s here to stay.

Then, create your January action plan using this 5-step approach I shared on Instagram recently.


P.S. If you REALLY crave support simplifying and streamlining your business in 2024, then I have one spot open for December enrollment in my Whole House program. Think white-glove meets COO of your business level support.

I only enroll one client per month into this program because…. simplicity is my love language.


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