Hi! I'm Jenni.

I help entrepreneurs needing a business breakthrough

move from frustration & overwhelm into an organized, step-by-step plan forward. 

Because hope isn't a strategy.


Growing your passion-driven business is possible despite what anyone tells you.

Step one is uncovering what makes YOU unique. (Know this and you avoid the endless cycle of hodgepodging courses and free downloads together as your strategy.) Together, we'll get clear on the impact you're here to make right away.

Step two is to create a plan. Your strategic plan allows you to share your offers with people who have a need for AND who see value in them. It's that simple.


Founding team member of two multi-million dollar franchises
Over 120 entrepreneurs supported
13+ years creating and implementing business strategy 
Top rated host of entrepreneur-based workshops on Eventbrite

I help entrepreneurs just like you scale purpose-driven businesses.

Let’s turn your doubt into a dream business that makes Mondays feel fun and focused again. By merging my experience as a Human Design educator with 13+ years starting and scaling businesses, we’ll uncover how you’re designed to shine in business and then create a plan to make sure that happens ASAP. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Your network, your net worth, and your intelligence are nice bonuses, but they aren’t the “it” factor. YOU are the it factor! That’s why uncovering your purpose and the gifts that make your purpose come to life is the foundation for business. Once that’s set, you’re ready for strategy. 

Together we’ll do both: uncover your unique purpose and then bring it to life with a business model and doable action plan that works at the pace that suits you.  

Choose a service
Mark your calendar
Move forward with clarity & renewed focus

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