Get to Know Your Business Superpowers

business career course entrepreneur humandesign marthabeck success superpowers the_blueprint May 11, 2023

Want to know one of the secrets to making work feel less like a grind? I’ll give you a clue: it’s your superpowers.

I know. I know. I can practically hear you rolling your eyes at the word superpowers. Hardly anyone sees the value of taking the time to identify their superpowers, let alone integrate them into their career.

And why should they – most people have no idea what their superpowers even are!

This is because the institutions of education and business have placed more value on the hard skills that go on a resume or a LinkedIn profile than the soft skills that differentiate people and allow their uniqueness to do the talking and selling for them.

When you don’t value your superpowers, the world around you doesn’t either. Which means you have to Hustle. Hard. in order to prove yourself amidst a sea of competitors.

As Martha Beck says, the only way out of the trap is through.

We get out of the rat race of mindless-hustle by knowing what our superpowers are. This is how your journey into satisfying and fulfilling work begins.

This is the exact topic we’re focusing on this week in The Blueprint course.

There are two key approaches to identifying your superpowers.

The first approach integrates your Human Design Career Chart, which is too long to outline here but that you can find in the course.

The second approach is to interview people you trust and ask them specific questions you want to know. For example, you can ask them: “What would you come to me for advice for?” or “What do you see me do better than everyone else?”

When I take my clients through these exercises this is hands-down the most eye-opening part, because they’re able to see that it doesn’t have to be as hard as they’re making it. Simplicity is really where it’s at.

If you want this clarity for yourself, it’s not too late to join The Blueprint. Enrollment is evergreen, which means that it's here for you whenever you're ready to bring more harmony and success to career. 

Learn more about it here.




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