Human Design: why it matters

Jan 05, 2023

Human Design. Have you heard of it? It’s trending hard right now, but unlike most things that trend, it’s incredibly useful and applicable.

My first initiation into Human Design came several years ago when I learned that, as a Generator, I’m designed to use joy and passion as my guideposts to decipher what to lean into and what to let go or steer clear of. It’s simple, but it’s not easy. And, this is where the magic of practicing Human Design as an open-minded experiment comes to play.

Here’s what I know for certain, if you’re experiencing frustration, bitterness, or anger in life and/or career, then understanding how to apply your Human Design chart to real life can help big time.

So what is Human Design? Think of it as a self awareness tool that allows you to understand how to navigate the world as yourself with more ease and less resistance. While every design is unique to each person, all designs are similar in that they all show us how to live our most aligned and fulfilling life in a tangible way.

Human Design is a system that merges science and spirituality using astrology, the chakra system, the I-Ching, and the Kabbalah. Each chart is created based upon birth date, birth time and birthplace.

Your Human Design chart shows you HOW to decipher what and whom deserve your energy. And, equally important, it shows you HOW to make decisions in a way that brings fulfillment and is best received and supported by the people in your life.

Whether you’re a parent looking to better understand your child’s nature, a leader looking to strengthen workplace empathy and collaboration, or an entrepreneur who’s tired of feeling stuck putting your energy toward things that don’t pay off, then Human Design is worth looking into.

Here’s how to start:


xo, Jenni

Jenni Johnson


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