Your Business Strategy's New Bestie

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If you’ve ever been to my website, the first thing you’ve seen is this statement: At Last: Spirituality and Strategy meet.


It’s the only tagline that makes sense to me after 12+ years of supporting over 120 entrepreneurs - years of being humbled in the school of hard knocks while learning what does and does not work when it comes to starting and growing a business.


Want to know the #1 lesson I’ve learned so far? It’s this:


You can have the most beautiful branding, templates for days, and an operations manual wrapped in a bow, BUT if you aren’t tapped in on a deep level to YOU as the creative spirit of your business, none of the other “stuff” matters.


When you have a deep connection with yourself that’s grounded in the present moment, you’re less likely to be sold a strategy that’s not aligned for you.


And this is important because there’s a LOT of strategies being sold in the coaching world right now.


(It’s why I cringe a bit – OK a lot - at the word coach.) It’s also why I’m creating a program that will flip the business coaching industry on its head…but more on that coming soon.


While templates, checklists, and systems will help you focus and creative efficiencies within your business, they are not the golden ticket for success.


Your golden ticket for success starts with examining your beliefs, your passions, your career design, and your insistence on living anywhere else but in the present moment. This is when what’s meant for you comes to you.


This is why when my clients and I talk about strategy (and we do – a lot), we talk about it through the lens of who they are on an energetic level:


  • How they’re designed to focus their energy
  • What their greatest strengths are that are meant to be shared consistently with the world
  • Who they are beyond their limited beliefs and stories about what’s possible


When spirituality and strategy meet in the middle, magic happens.


It’s this intersection where imitation (which always comes with an expiration date) is replaced with creation (which is infinite).


Here are some questions to help you connect better with yourself today as creator of your career or business:

  • What am I focusing on when I’m in the zone, annoyed to be interrupted?
  • If my child, niece, or nephew were faced with some of the doubts I’m experiencing, what would I tell them?
  • What is the first thought I think about when I wake up?
  • If I don’t like the first thought, am I willing to begin changing my life by noticing how it makes me feel and choosing a different one to focus on instead?


If you're feeling stuck or looking to uplevel your business, here's where you can learn more about how I support entrepreneurs.


xo, Jenni


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