Human Design in Business: A Four Part Series

Jun 21, 2023

There’s seven billion different ways to be successful, and in this 4-part series, we’re going to talk all about it.

To begin, meet my friend Human Design. 

This is the tool I’ve found to be more powerful than any other in helping entrepreneurs go from vision to execution sans the second-guessing that comes with it.

While I typically save Human Design tips + tools for Instagram, the truth is that HD serves as one of the low-key cornerstones of my business. So, it only makes sense that I bring this secret sauce to my email community as well.

To kick off our series, we’ll start with this question: What is Human Design?

Human Design is a self-awareness tool that helps you focus your energy on the things that are actually meant for you instead of wasting time focusing on what works for others.

There’s a whole list of benefits that come with an ability to focus: the ability to overcome self-doubt, overwhelm, confusion, fear, frustration. The list goes on. (We’ll dive into this in an upcoming email.)

Just like any tool, it’s one of many to choose from. And, many people are successful without it.

But, if you’ve been on the merry-go-round of pushing, trying everything, and winding up more with more ideas than outcomes, then you’re a great candidate for some human design experimentation.

Because you’re here for business growth, let’s relate Human Design to the closest thing you’re already familiar with - strength finders. (ie. Enneagram, Meyers, Briggs, and DISC assessments.)

Just like other strength finders, Human Design allows you to access a unique career profile. (7 billion of them roughly.)

This profile provides insights into skills and patterns that you consistently bring to the world. Check, check.

However, what Human Design offers that no other strength finders do is, well, this:

  • An actual strategy to leverage and focus your energy in the unique way you are designed
  • A strategy to make aligned decisions (AKA getting out of your own way)
  • A way to understand why some work environments work for you and others make you feel like a fish out of water.
  • A way to uncover the gifts that others see in you but that you don’t see in yourself (AKA your zone of genius.)

If this sounds too good to be true, I honor the inner skeptic in you!

I'll never try to persuade you to do anything other than keep an open and curious mind. (If you’re here in my community you likely already have that anyway.)

But, if you can’t wait until next week's email and you’d like to delve in a little further, here’s some resources for you. Read the origins of Human Design here OR learn how you can apply it in business here


xo, Jenni




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