A Free Tool Worth Saving

energy entrepreneur fear free hope leader strategy the_blueprint tool Jun 14, 2023

Hello my friend!

This week’s blog post comes with a tool you can use again and again - a tool that’ll shift you out of any slump you find yourself in.

It’s timely, too. Because many of you are noticing that old patterns you thought you'd overcome eons ago are resurfacing. (Again.)

These patterns (AKA limiting beliefs) feel like unease, hopelessness, worry, or outright fear in your body.

Sometimes they're rooted in a fear over your capacity to grow your business. Sometimes not.

Either way, I’ve got great news. 

This is the cycle we all go through as we level up into a more empowered version of ourselves.

It’s the way we build unshakeable trust in our ability to make money sharing ourselves with the world.

So, how do we get back to trust and inner peace? By stepping into it the discomfort instead of pretending like it's not there. 


Here's a simple 5 step tool help you shine again:

Step 1: Sit for 10 minutes in stillness with your eyes closed.

Step 2: Identify the emotion that you’re experiencing that you’d rather not be. Ie. unease

Step 3: Notice where this emotion lives in your body. Give this one time if needed. Our issues live in our tissues - you'll find it. 

Step 4: Allow it to be there - fully.  Notice that the more you embrace it, the more subtle it becomes.

Step 5: Imagine it dissolving into a million pieces and then send it out of your body through your feet or whatever surface is closest to the ground. Send it on its way with grace and dignity. There’s no need for judgement here.


These five steps work – for real.

And on the other side is fresh perspective that’ll bring you back to that version of you you’ve been working on for quite some time now.

Take a screenshot. Star this email. Do whatever you have to do.

But, don’t let this simple exercise pass you by.

Your energy is more important than any strategy out there, and you being your own energy reader in business will set your foundation for sustainable success.

If you love tools that help you transition into the next, best version of yourself, then my course is a great place to be. You can check it out here





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