Your 30 Day Business Plan

30dayplan actionsteps businessgoal businessplan focus planning Nov 01, 2023

Does focusing feel impossible right now?!

In my recent Instagram poll , 67% of you said having an action plan that keeps you focused was the #1 thing you need most to move forward starting or scaling your business.

67% of you!!

In my 1:1 work with entrepreneurs, we work within 30-day increments. Here’s why:

  • Less is more. The world is changing faster than ever, so being able to pivot and respond by tuning into your intuition has never been more important. (AKA 5-year plans are over.)
  • 30-day planning allows entrepreneurs to focus on the daily steps that create big results.
  • We ALL underestimate the amount of time it takes to complete a project, so breaking it out into a smaller time frame encourages us to commit to what’s actually doable.


Ready to give it a try?

Copy and paste the steps seen below into a google doc, commit to a solid hour, and give your time the devotion it deserves.


Step 1: Define the most important objectives to focus on or complete this month. This can include evergreen projects like content creation or one-time projects such as your Black Friday offer

Step 2: Define what complete looks like. Bonus points for defining WHY this matters in your business right now.

Step 3: List out any decisions that need to be made to move forward. Consider who you can talk to or what resources need to be tapped into to navigate the best decision.

Step 4: Brainstorm Action Steps. List out every single action item that must be done to complete the project.

Step 5: List out the weeks and assign each action item to a specific week. For example….

  • 11/1/2023
    • Action Item
  • 11/8
    • Action item
  • 11/15
    • Action Item

Give it a try and let me know what you think! 


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