Overcome Writer's Block with 3 Easy Tips

Apr 21, 2023

For many of you, your ideal mode of communication is writing. For others it’s creating graphics, storytelling, or even categorizing data into spreadsheets.

Whatever your communication superpower is, own it and use it to bring value to the lives of the people around you. Do this, and you’ll have a thriving business in no time.

But for my writers in the room, this email is just for you!

Today I’m dropping my top tips that I share with my clients who love long form nearly as much as Michael Scott loves hearing his own voice.


TIP #1: Instead of blocking out chunks of time to figure out what to write about, wait to be ignited by a topic first. To do this, you’ll need to open your awareness to what’s coming toward you. What are you hearing, seeing, and listening to? The things that create a spark in your body mean something. Get curious about them and then integrate and share through your own perspective.


TIP #2: Speak first, then translate into writing. Most of my newsletter ideas come to me when I’m walking my dog. When inspo hits, I open my voice memo app and start talking without any self-editing, knowing I can refine later.


TIP #3: Keep a list of random topics that you can pull from. For example, last week I shared how the best ideas often come from problems. I used the invention of Velcro as an analogy. My kids had told me how Velcro was invented earlier that week, and I’d written it down knowing that because it piqued my interest, there was something to pay attention to there.


Try one or all three. Either way, I’d love to hear which one resonates for you the most.


P.S. if you’re into uncovering your zone of genius and how it translates into business, my self-paced course is a great place to start. Learn more here.



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