How switching from zoom to phone changed my business

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Last week I shared a post on Insta that really connected with you all. So, I thought I’d talk about it here in case you’re on a social media sabbatical right now.

Several months ago, I was starting to feel burnt out on coaching calls. And, I knew it had everything to do with the format of my calls and nothing to do with my clients and the business I was helping them create and grow.

So, I changed the format of my calls entirely, connecting through *gasp* old-fashioned phone calls instead of zoom.


This meant we could take calls from nature instead of an air-tight room.


It meant my clients connected with their body’s truth more than their wifi.


It meant my eye cleared (ahem blue light looking at you here).


It meant we could sit or lie down in whatever positioned allowed us to best hear each other’s words.


It meant we could FEEL into the layers of truth while listening to our own words as they were spoken.


And the biggest one? We all focused more on our words and less on our appearance.


As a 42-year-old woman, I know that the impact of staring at a screen isn’t great. For my vision, my hormones, and everything else in between.

But what I did NOT expect was the fact that my coaching calls would go deeper as we disconnected from our vision as the primary sense and reconnected with other senses that have become quietly forgotten as a form of intuition in this zoom world.

If this resonates with you, try it out!

If it doesn’t, I invite you to ask yourself what small change you can make in your business today that will allow you to experience more freedom and joy.

Because after all, isn’t that the point?!

xo, Jenni





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