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Team Building

B E Y O N D  R O L E S  &  R E S P O N S I B I L I T I E S

Introducing a team event that makes your people feel seen, valued, and recognized in a big way. 

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Did you know?!

Recent studies show that corporate culture is a more reliable predictor of attrition than compensation. 

This means having an emotionally healthy and productive workforce begins with employees feeling like their well-being matters. 

That’s why Human Design for the Team exists. Together, we’ll focus on six key pillars within your team’s Human Design career chart - pillars that enhance joy and prevent burnout.

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What It Is:

Human Design offers a practical approach to understanding yourself and your relationships with others. This system provides a map and user’s manual that shows how you’re designed to operate with the most amount of success.


Who It Is For:

We spend more time with our colleagues than we often do with our own family. That’s why harnessing meaningful connections in the workplace matters - ALOT

When everyone understands the unique gifts they bring to the team, collaboration increases, empathy soars, and communication is more effective. 

If you subscribe to the belief that supporting people professionally by understanding them personally would boost morale and improve productivity, then this event is right for you.

What You Get:

Here’s how this works! I’ll come to you! You pick the spot & I show up (with bells on!) to lead a 3 hour event for up to 30 people.

Each Team Member Will:

  • Learn their unique superpowers and how they play out in business
  • Uncover how to better communicate with people who think differently than you do
  • Understand the "underlying mechanics" behind their interactions so that they don't take things personally
  • Learn how to avoid overwhelm and focus their energy

As Team Leader You'll

  • Learn how to trust yourself on a deeper level
  • Improve the connection with your team
  • Learn how each member is designed to focus their energy and attention on the right projects
  • Discover the best ways to help people feel recognized

Your Entire Team Comes Away Knowing How To:

  • use their time and energy in a more sustainable way
  • make decisions effectively without regret or overwhelm
  • leverage each other's unique strengths in order to optimize business goals

I’ve led Human Design workshops to over 1300 curious people just like you. 


Oh, one of my HD superpowers? Creating connections amongst large groups of people in the spirit of creating fresh beginnings. 

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  • Option to add-on 1:1 support for individual team members. 
  • Also offered as a virtual workshop series.
  • Ask about special rates for local businesses in the Phoenix metro area.
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